Just what is Hand Analysis?  

Many of us spend countless hours and thousands of dollars searching for meaning, growth, understanding, and enrichment in our lives. We can stop searching, the answers to all of our questions lie in our hands! Hand analysis is a decade researched, scientific modality, backed by empirical evidence, that reveals your skills, talents, attributes, and gifts as well as challenges and weaknesses, attractions, distractions, and irritations in your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual realms. Ideal relationship and career scenarios can be revealed. We can appreciate how amazing our bodies and minds are but when we realize that we have been provided a blueprint for our individual lives it is nothing short of miraculous! This unique blueprint is found on our hands and fingertips. Each fingerprint pattern and line in our palms have meaning.  Your Life Purpose, Life Path, and Life Lesson are found by decoding the patterns on your fingerprints. Three of the main lines that are etched in our palms are the Head Line, Heart Line, and Life Line. The Heart Line determines our emotional system.  Information found in your heart line is your emotional character, tendencies, and requirements. The Head Line describes how we reason, plan, calculate, analyze and integrate thoughts, ideas and perceptions. It is our personal computer operating system. The Life Line indicates the state of our physical body and vitality, productivity, stamina, and stability.  Some of us have gift markings that can present challenges when not given proper attention. Even the shape of our hands and fingers are chocked full of information about YOU! Palm/Hand reading is an amazingly accurate tool used for self-growth, understanding, and expansion. 

This system is shockingly accurate and can be life changing!

Think of the markings on your palms and fingertips as a guide to your dream destination!  The markings can be thought of as geographical terrain; rivers, mountains, valleys, and plateaus with a detailed road map as to where to find your buried treasure and scenic routes (talents and gifts), rough roads and road blocks (challenges), super highways (strengths) and detours, points of interest and lay overs (growth). Each marking and line has a meaning that can be decoded to make your life journey the best it can be!

 The information given in Scientific Hand Analysis is anchored in many decades of research and many thousands and thousands of sets of hands.