Life Path+Life Purpose+Life Lesson= Our Souls's Calling

We find all of this in our fingerprints!

Our fingerprints will never change.

Our fingerprints are vibrationally imprinted at 14 to 16 weeks gestation. It is at this time that we become unique individuals.

Lines and Markings on our palms provide clues to guide us to fulfill our soul's calling!

Our hand prints can and do change throughout our lifetimes. The lines in the palms change as our thought patterns change. The lines in our hands mimic the neuro-pathways in our brain.

Certified Analyst

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Faculty Teacher at

American Academy of

Hand Analysis

                     Attune Analysis

Born with a Purpose

A child’s Life Purpose, Life Path and Life Lesson are present when a child is born. As soon as a "good" print can be obtained of a child's hand and fingerprints all of this valuable information is available. Imagine as a parent having this information and knowing a child's personality traits and preferences and being able to gently guide a child to explore their interests and talents and potential road blocks to lead them to their highest potential and greatest joy!

It is possible and at your fingertips

 With the help of your prints we can change your life!